Isabel is a main character in the SapphireFoxx Universe. She is a powerful young sorceress who is a descendant of the Fox and Ruby. Out of all characters, Isabel has had the second most number of appearances in series, only following the Fox.

Biography Edit

Too Good To Put Down Edit

Isabel was first encountered in Too Good To Put Down when she cursed her ex-boyfriend, Kevin, by transforming him into a woman and changing his life to become that of her favorite romance novel protagonist, Jennifer. Isabel even created a male Construct, which was a handsome man who considered himself to be Jennifer's boyfriend.

After Kevin escaped the seducing construct, he confronted Isabel about her cursing him. She explained that she was teaching him a lesson about being a bad boyfriend. However, Isabel was also doing this for her own satisfaction to watch her ex suffer.

Isabel continued to torment Kevin until The Fox found her. Isabel was shocked by him, believing his existence was purely a myth. He threatened her to stop breaking the Arcane Laws, and to return Kevin to normal. Isabel first resisted, but then did as she was told out of fear. Fox said he was "disappointed in her", and "expected better of his decedents." Isabel was amazed by the discovery that she was related to a legendary sorcerer. She tried to appease to the Fox and wanted to get to know him, even asking if she could be his apprentice. Fox considered her a spoiled brat, and teleported away. Later, Isabel vowed to change her ways, and to track down the legendary warlock.

My Apprentice

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Different Perspectives

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Powers Edit

Isabel was an above average sorcerer for her age when she made her first apprentice in Too Good To Put Down. Since becoming the Fox's apprentice, she has grown significantly more powerful and knowledgeable about magic. Isabel has demonstrated her power by using Mind Alter on over 2,000 people simultaneously, and being able to Levitate a 747 jumbo jet.

Isabel Is a sorcerer of the Sapphire bloodline. Like other Sapphires, she specializes in Motion based spells such as Teleporting, Telekinesis, and speed. Isabel has demonstrated a large variety of known spells, and probably knows many others that she hasn't demonstrated.

Displayed spells:

  • Telekinesis (Levitate)
  • Teleport
  • Curses
  • Transformation
  • Mind Control
  • Pacify
  • Constructs
  • Healing
  • Illusions
  • Mind Alter