Peter was a 24 year old descendent of Ruby's Curse, and a closet transgender. He was cured by The Fox when the statue visited him, transforming him into Paige.



Peter was sulking in his room working on a statue of a girl that he keeps seeing in his dreams, when The Fox appears, offering him the body that Peter secretly desires. Peter agrees, and begins sculpting the girl, which the Fox uses as a reference to transform Peter's body. To his excitement, Peter transforms into Paige, in her happiness, she kisses the statue, claiming to never forget the gift it gave her. The Fox used a mind swipe spell to reset the world to believe that Paige always existed and left. Paige sculpted a statue of the Fox to remember it.

Costume TournamentEdit

Paige was later seen dressed as an angel at a Halloween party, where she won 2nd place in a costume tournament.


  • Sculptor: Paige is a master sculptor, due to picking it up as a hobby. She was able to craft her body from clay for The Fox to use as a reference.