Characther introduced in Awakeing. She is very similar to The Fox, but harbors a hatred for him and has different goals.


Not much is known about Ruby. At some point, she and The Fox were imprisoned in statues in the shape of foxes, with her made of ruby. For some reason an ancient kingdom imprisoned her in a tomb and sealed her off from the rest of the world for hundreds of years. It is implied that this is when she began to delevop her hate for The Fox, and planning her revenge. Eventually, Ruby was released by two explorers after misktaking a treasure for her. After transforming them and bending them to her will, she presumeably uses them to help her escape her prison. In Dreams do come true she exerts somesort of infulence over Paige, presumeably to get at The Fox, but it is unknown why or it would do.


Like The Fox, Ruby has the power to transform anyone physically at will and change someone's gender (also implied through magic) Unlike The Fox though, she has the power to alter people's minds and bend transformee's to her will (It is possible that the fox has this power but doesn't use it). Also she lacks the abilty to appear anywhere at will requring the two explorers to escort her out of her prison (however, this could be a side effect of the prison itself). She appears to be able to project her infulence without physically having to be there, such as with Paige in Dreams do come true. However, The Fox was able to counter this, meaning that she is not invincible.


-Ruby is the first characther other than The Fox to directly be able to transform people.