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This is the unofficial wiki of all the works by SapphireFoxx, including animations, comics, and more! Feel free to edit this wiki to allow it grow.

What is SapphireFoxx?Edit

A better question would be who is SapphireFoxx? SapphireFoxx is the female artist who creates animations and web comics on his website [1]. These works focus on characters transforming, usually into the opposite gender.

On the SapphireFoxx: One Year Anniversary, the Foxx, for the first time, revealed her name. Foxxy revealed that her name was Sam Mokler, that she is 21 years old, and lives in Kennebunk, Maine. Sam used to attend college, but gave that up so he could pursue art as a profession, then setting up 

At first, the website was to be a site were you could browse content for free. This was because of the various adds originally on the site. However, after a week or so, Google pulled their adds off of the site, stating that the content was subject of pornography. SapphireFoxx quickly got rid of the source of the alleged problem, but it was too late. Google refused to put their adds back on the site.

SapphireFoxx's initial reaction was to look for other add sites, but couldn't find any legit add companies. For a minute, it looked like the Foxx would have have to shut down his beloved site, but instead he daringly resorted to more desperate measures. The solution was that to view his content, you would have to subscribe to him, for a monthly fee of $5.00. As of now, the subscription system is still in effect.

Rules and WarningsEdit

The following is a list of rules and general warnings all participants in this wiki must adhere to:

  1. No images or animations created by SapphireFoxx are allowed
  2. If you post an image or animation created by SapphireFoxx three (3) times you will be banned
  3. If you do anything to harm this wiki such as typing nonsense or obscenities or deleting sections of text two (2) times you will be banned
  4. Thank you for being respectful and adhering to these rules to keep this wiki a safe and constructive place

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